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F.A.Q. - ACS EndpointLock

Windows Support

Can I use EndpointLock on multiple computers?
Your EndpointLock software will work on as many devices as your license allows.

Is EndpointLock compatible with Windows 10?

EndpointLock is compatible with Internet Explorer on Windows 10. Windows 10 users need to reset the default browser to Internet Explorer. Microsoft EDGE is not protected at this time because EDGE does not support extensions. Microsoft has announced that EDGE will support extensions in the future.


How do I know EndpointLock is working when I’m typing in desktop applications?
When you are in a desktop program like Excel or Outlook, the “Desktop Protection” agent is active. When you see the “shield icon” in the notification area (system tray) at the bottom right of your screen, you know that EndpointLock Desktop Protection is ready. Each time you press a key, the “shield icon” will flash to indicate that encryption has occurred.

What applications and browsers does EndpointLock protect?
EndpointLock protects all applications and browsers with keystroke encryption. For Mac users, Apple protects many if not all browser password fields.

Why do fields change color when I click into them? What is CryptoColor™?

The CryptoColor™ feature changes the background color of a text field to let you know that your keystrokes are being encrypted from the keyboard. CryptoColor™ is supported in Internet Explorer only at this time. A CryptoColor™ plug-in is in development. Look for it later in 2016.

Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when the cursor is not in a field that I can type into?
Inside the browser, EndpointLock™ is only active when the keyboard cursor is in a text input field. If you click inside a web page where there is no input field, EndpointLock™ will show RED “Off”. Once you move the cursor into a text entry field on a web page, EndpointLock™ will turn “On” and protect your typing.

How do I turn off EndpointLock on my Windows PC ?
EndpointLock protection is provided to most desktop programs by the “Desktop Protection” agent represented by the “shield” in the notification area (system tray) in the lower right of your screen. You can temporarily disable protection, or stop running the program (exit). Neither option uninstalls the software.


  • Temporarily disable protection by right-clicking on the “shield” and deselecting “Enable”. The EndpointLock icon will display a red circle with a white “D” as a reminder that Desktop Protection is disabled. To re-enable EndpointLock, go back to the “shield” icon in the notification area and click “Enable”.

  • Exit protection by right-clicking on the “shield” icon and selecting “Exit”. EndpointLock will display a reminder that Desktop Protection is terminated. To restart Desktop Protection, go to “Start | Run | Programs | EndpointLock” and click on “Desktop”.

  • Turn EndpointLock toolbar off by changing the Secured Mode “Always On” setting using the EndpointLock “Manage | Preferences” tool. Uncheck “Always On”, click “OK”, then close all web browser programs. When you open the web browser program again, EndpointLock will not Activate to the Secured Mode.


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