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Managed Services Provider (MSP) Assessments

MSPs are becoming the number one target of cyber crime due to insufficient controls in place on their networks and the networks they have created for their clients.


Don't risk your reputation, call Tritium to help assess your MSP and provide assurance that your data is secure.

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Security Positioning and Governance 

With the ever-expanding information security landscape, companies will being to employ more information security professionals that have specific roles and responsibilities assigned to them. For the senior level executives, Tritium can assist with proper training, policy creation, rule enforcement and help align business goals with security objectives.

Disaster Recovery and Incident Response 

Tritium has extensive expertise in creating, implementing and maintaining business continuity and incident response plans to ensure uninterrupted business operations.  Plan design and creation can include facilities build-out, disaster recovery and incident response testing and staff training on proper procedural guidelines to ensure proper incident/disaster escalation procedures.

Risk Remediation

MSPs and Self Assessments

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MSPs and Self Assessments

While many companies rely on outside managed IT services due to the increasing costs of keeping full time IT on staff, they simply cannot give assurance that their own system is secure. MSPs may excel at configuring, installing and maintaining client systems, however, ensuring the integrity of sensitive information residing on their network is simply a service they cannot and should not be offering.
An MSP can only offer a self-assessment of themselves and what they created for their client. While this may make it sound like your information is secure, there is no guarantee that controls are indeed in place and functioning. 

MSPs that offer these services to their customers are simply showcasing their lack of knowledge in information security and audit which further  casts doubt on their ability to protect your data.

Tritium's information security assessment can exploit any shortcomings in the services and technology provided, validate all security controls the MSP may have "in place", as well as providing piece of mind that your information is properly secured.


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