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Keystroke Encrypted Multi-factor Out-of-Band Authentication


CyGate™ Overview

Cygate is a combination of two patented technologies: Keystroke Encryption and Out-of-Band Authentication. These components secure login credentials and typed data at the entry point, creating the most comprehensive solution for authentication.

  • Comply with Multi-Factor Authentication regulation requirements

  • Safeguard username and passwords against unauthorized access

  • Enforces strong cryptography policies

  • Defends against Zero-Day and Polymorphic Threats

  • Protection via desktop and mobile devices

  • Secure verification without need of a cloud-based authentication platform

Cybercrime continues to evolve while organizations are struggling to catch up.


of breaches were associated with organized crime. These involved the use of Phishing, Trojans and keyloggers​.


of malware related breaches featured C2 and keyloggers.


of malware were installed through malicious email attachments.

- Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 10th Edition

Cygate protects your credentials even in the event of a breach.

To learn more about Cygate: Call 855-395-9896 or use our form.

Tritium Information Security is proud to partner with Advanced Cyber Security in presenting optimal endpoint software security solutions for your business. 

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