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About Us

Why Choose Tritium?

Tritium Security tracks it's roots back to a 35 year history of working in the financial services field for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies. Tritium has been constantly pushing technology advancements while adhering to the strict information security regulations that are tightly imposed on the banking and financial services industry. While providing these services, Tritium has been extensively audited by top financial institutions, government agencies and independent auditors. Tritium uses this unrivaled experience and knowledge to help protect businesses and their assets. No one better understands the requirements of industry regulations and the expectations of the auditor than Tritium.

Our Process

Tritium places emphasis on business and data security, industry compliance and operational redundancy. Tritium intimately works with business owners and business unit managers to identify internal risks as well as outside threats to the business.


Once these have been identified and detailed to management, Tritium provides multiple solutions to remove, mitigate, transfer, or simply accept the risk. Tritium will provide solutions working within budgetary and operational constraints to provide uninterrupted business operations while providing maximum results.

Our Staff

Tritium is comprised of highly skilled Information Technology and Information Security experts with over 30+ of experience. Tritium's team of professionals has extensive knowledge in all facets of enterprise Information Technology as well as establishing and maintaining a comprehensive, enterprise-class, Information Security program.

Our employees are highly engaged in the Information Security community and maintain information security certifications from some of highest-level information security organizations. With these certifications and level of expertise through experience, we can address all Information Technology and Information Security needs.

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