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Eliminate the threat of keystroke capture before it can advance.

Utilize ACS EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption as a first line of defense against Advanced Persistent Threats. 

ACS EndpointLock™ is McAfee ePO compatible.

The Obstacle:

The initial stage of a breach is the capture of login information through various social engineering methods, such as phishing or clickjacking. Keyloggers and screen capturing malware are still in use to intercept endpoints and record information. While traditional antivirus and firewalls have circumvented some threats, keylogger software can bypass these security measures by changing its form to further infect other endpoints in your infrastructure. 

The Solution:

ACS EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption provides the missing link in endpoint security. EndpointLock encrypts all keystrokes, shielding credentials and other sensitive data from being captured by advanced persistent threats, including zero-day and polymorphic types. 

Continuous Protection
  • Guard against kernel, desktop & browser based keyloggers (Catalogued and Zero-Day)

  • Anti-subversion feature alerts user of kernel compromise

  • Encrypts double-byte characters

Real-Time Alerts
  • CryptoColor*: Visual confirmation highlights all forms to verify the text fields are safe to type into.

  • Anti-screen scraping

  • Anti-clickjacking warning

  • Install in enterprise and deploy via group policies

  • Encrypts all international keyboards

  • Compatible with PS/2 port, USB, Wireless & Bluetooth keyboards

  • Keystroke encryption technology, protected by three keystroke encryption patents

  • Built in the USA, more than 8 Million consumers & corporations have already deployed EndpointLock™ to protect themselves and their data

Desktop: PC & Mac | BYOD: Android & iOS  | For Developers: SDK Available

The Facts:

"81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords."

Verizon DBIR Report 2016 

Keystroke Encryption for:

  • Payment Transaction Entry

    • Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account

  • Personal Identifying Information Entry

    • ​Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Mailing Address

  • Login access for client and/or consumer

  • E-mail communications

  • BYOD access

Get in Touch.

If you'd like to place an order or have any inquiries, please reach out to us at 855-395-9896. If you prefer, you can also fill out our form below. 

Tritium Information Security is proud to partner with Advanced Cyber Security to present optimal endpoint software security solutions for your business. 

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