Tritium conducts a full analysis of the business, its processes and assets to ensure the identification of any potential risk. This process results in a complete gap analysis and suggested remediation pathways.


Business Risk Analysis

Using its extensive knowledge and years of experience, Tritium will do a deep dive into a business and all operational units to identify risks, threats and exposures that may exist within the enterprise. Once identified, Tritium will rate each risk for its potential impact to the business and propose a suggested remediation. All findings will be presented in an simplified, understandable manner so that each risk and its potential impact is understood by the business owners/senior management.


Tritium can provide audit preparedness and audit readiness for clients that need to undergo a regulatory, compliance or industry required audit. A gap analysis will be performed, in accordance with the audit requirements and all findings will be presented to the business.

Vulnerability Scans 

Tritium will perform internal and external vulnerability scans to determine any vulnerability, compliance or configuration issues for all equipment residing on the corporate network. The scope of the scan will be pre-approved by the client to ensure there is no disruption to the operating environment. All testing will be done with industry approved scanning technology.

Penetration Testing 

Tritium will perform penetration tests on systems that are the largest targets for an attack and yield the highest negative impact due to an information compromise. All testing will be completed by qualified and certified individuals to ensure total identification and exploitation potential threats. A penetration test can determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack, if the defenses were sufficient, and which defenses (if any) the test defeated.

Network Hardening 

All equipment residing on the corporate network will be inventoried, assessed, and cataloged. Equipment will be verified for correct patching procedures, license updates and policy enforcement. Tritium will ensure that all networking configurations and equipment meet the most stringent networking and hardening requirements.

Physical Security

Physical security requirements are client-specific and assessed on a per client basis. Tritium has extensive knowledge in CCTV, electronic ID badges, electronic card access and physical site hardening to ensure the highest level of restriction to secure environments.



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