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Your Industry Solution to Information Security 

Tritium can provide industry specific services and solutions to help better protect your business and your customers information.



Even with HIPAA compliance, breaches in the healthcare sector are growing at a rapid pace. Healthcare providers are one of the largest targets of data theft and cannot keep up with the growing threat landscape. More often than not, healthcare providers use outside managed service providers to build, maintain and support their networks but are still leaving themselves exposed due to shortcomings with the MSP.


Government institutions directly service the community which makes them accountable for large amounts of personally identifiable information (PII). Besides obtaining sensitive data, breaches on governmental faculties can also disrupt community services and shut down utilities.


Businesses of all sizes must adhere to PCI compliance. It is a business's responsibility to protect data at the point of sale (POS). Card information that is stolen puts a business at risk of fines, penalties, and a tarnished reputation. 


Educational institutions are responsible for handling large quantities of personal identifiable information (PII) which if compromised can be devastating not only to faculty but to students as well. 

Accounting and Financial

Uphold and Protect your clients and business while adhering and enforcing GLBA compliance. 
GLBA requires conduction of a thorough risk 
assessment of a financial institutions security measures.


Professional  practices are responsible for servicing and protecting clients. All sensitive information that is handled must be done with the strictest security procedures in place.  Personal identifiable information (PII) which includes SSNs, DOB, and addresses must be encrypted to ensure that not only professional  practices are protected but also their clients. 


While technology companies may consider themselves secure due to internal auditing procedures and controls, only a third party can correctly assess the business and its infrastructure to ensure maximum security.


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