ProtectID™ Out-of-Band Multi-Factor Authentication provides Industry Leading defense against man in the middle attacks.

Safeguard privileged access against
undetected threats

ACS ProtectID addresses the primary loophole in traditional Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication by splitting the username from the password. Both pieces of information are transmitted over two separate channels (i.e Internet and Phone), vs. just on a single channel, averting any man-in-the middle attempt. ProtectID creates an additional layer of security to ensure explicit authentication, even if one of the authentication channels has been compromised. 

The Solution:
Soft-Token OATH Compliant
  • Desktop (Mac/PC)

  • Mobile and Tablet
    iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Desktop, other PDAs, etc.

Extensive Support
  • 100% on-premise installation, in Cloud Service or a hybrid

  • User Authentication support for Risk & and Step-up Authentication systems

  • Built-in authentication redundancy across all methods offered

Authenticate Various Environments
  • Citrix

  • SSO'S

  • VPNs

  • Web Applications

  • Web Domains

  • Bio-metric devices (finger print readers, iris scanners, and voice-activated phone calls)

  • Desktop (Windows, OS X & MacOS, and/or Linux)

  • One-time Password Generators

  • Smart Cards

  • USB tokens

Multiple Verification Methods

When user credentials are requested for authorized access, they  travel between both endpoints in real time in order to communicate and complete specific actions.  Man-in-the-Middle attack intercepts the flow of data covertly, enabling the ability to alter communication between users and steal confidential information or login credentials just by impersonating as as the user/recipient or the application.

The Obstacle:

The Facts:

"Generated data in transit, from its origin to its destination, will become extremely important to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks."

McAfee Labs, Threat Predictions 2017

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  • Banks

  • Corporations

  • Government Agencies

  • Social Networking

  • Universities

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