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F.A.Q. - ACS EndpointLock

Mac Support

Primary Functions

Can I use EndpointLock on multiple computers?
Your EndpointLock software will work on as many devices as your license allows.

How do I know EndpointLock is protecting my Mac?
Once you download EndpointLock a “shield” appears in the Dock. Four variations explain when EndpointLock or Apple is protecting you as you type on the keyboard: a red exclamation point (!), a green dot (.), a red dot (.), and a green dot (.) with a white dash. 

What applications and browsers does EndpointLock protect?
EndpointLock protects all applications and browsers with keystroke encryption. For Mac users, Apple protects many if not all browser password fields.

What does a red exclamation point (!) mean when seen on the "shield" in the Dock?
The CryptoColor™ feature changes the background color of a text field to let you know that your keystrokes are being encrypted from the keyboard. CryptoColor™ is supported in Internet Explorer only at this time. A CryptoColor™ plug-in is in development. 

What does a green dot (.) mean when seen in the “shield” in the Dock?
A green dot means EndpointLock™ is activated with a valid license and protecting you when you enter any keystrokes on your keyboard.

What does a red dot (.) mean when seen in the “shield” in the Dock?
A red dot means EndpointLock™ is disabled temporarily by you. You can easily enable EndpointLock™ through the “shield” icon in the Dock, or in the Menu on top by clicking on “Enable” in either location.


What does a green dot (.) with a white dash mean when seen in the "shield" in the dock on Mac?
A green dot with a white dash means the Apple Operating System (iOS) is protecting you in a password field.


What is enhanced mode?
Enhanced Mode offers greater security and is the EndpointLock™ default mode. It is optimized for newer computers and OS versions. If you get “0”s when you type, you can disable the Enhanced Mode by going to Manage on the EndpointLock™ toolbar and toggling off Enhanced Mode. EndpointLock™ will still encrypt your keystrokes, but you should not see any zeroes. The EndpointLock™ Dock icon will show a grey circle to indicate that Enhanced Mode is turned off.


How do I turn off EndpointLock on my Mac?
EndpointLock protection is provided to most desktop programs by the “Desktop Protection” agent represented by the “shield” in the dock. You can temporarily disable protection, or stop running the program (exit). Neither option uninstalls the software.

  • Temporarily disable protection by right-clicking on the “shield” and deselecting “Enable”. The EndpointLock icon will display a red circle with a white “D” as a reminder that Desktop Protection is disabled. To re-enable EndpointLock, go back to the “shield” icon in the notification area and click “Enable”.

  • Exit protection by right-clicking on the “shield” icon and selecting “Exit”. EndpointLock will display a reminder that Desktop Protection is terminated. To restart Desktop Protection, go to “Start | Run | Programs | EndpointLock” and click on “Desktop”.

  • You can turn EndpointLock toolbars off by changing the Secured Mode “Always On” setting using the EndpointLock“Manage | Preferences” tool. Uncheck “Always On”, click “OK”, then close all web browser programs. When you open the web browser program again, EndpointLock will not Activate to the Secured Mode.

  • Also, you can disable EndpointLock in one browser program, but not the other, using each program’s setting for add-on programs.

Note: EndpointLock cannot protect your computer against keyloggers when it is disabled or exited.


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