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F.A.Q. - Installation

EndpointLock for Android | Installation and Activation

System Overview:
EndpointLock™ is an application for touch screen mobile devices which improves operational security. It includes a “Secure Keyboard’, which produces keystroke encryption. With the Secure Keyboard feature, you can add a layer of security to everything you type. See "Getting Started" below to activate your Secure Keyboard on your phone's settings.
System Configuration:

EndpointLock operates on touch screen mobile devices and is compatible with IOS 6.0 (or higher versions). The application requires connection to the Internet.

STEP 1: Download the App:

- Google Play Store (Direct Link)

- On your mobile device, search “EndpointLock” (one word) in the Google Play Store and install the free EndpointLock app. 

STEP 2: Login
Once the app is installed, use your email and password to log into the EndpointLock app.

STEP 3: Setting your Secure Keyboard:
Once you have logged into the EndpointLock app, you will need to go to your phone settings to add the EndpointLock Secure Keyboard:
For Android:

  • Go to "Settings"

  • Open Language and Input>Add keyboard>Select "EndpointLock"

  • Select "Default Keyboard" to make EndpointLock your Secure Keyboard.

You are now ready to open up any app on your mobile device and use your EndpointLock Secure Keyboard.
To switch back to you native keyboard, follow the same steps and select your native keyboard.
You are now ready to use your Secure Keyboard.

EndpointLock Keyboard
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