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F.A.Q. - Installation

EndpointLock for OSx | Installation and Activation

 After Installation

  • To start, go to "Applications" folder.

  • Locate and launch ACS EndpointLock by double clicking on the icon.

  • Once EndpointLock loads in the dock, select it and the EL menu will be available.

  • If you do not see the menu, select the EndpointLock "shield and lock" icon in the dock. It will show a red dot with an "explanation point until activation is complete.

  • In the menu, select "Manage", then select "Manage License"

  • Enter user information and a valid License Key. Then press "Activate"

  • Return to Menu", then "Enabled". Preferences allows you to "Always Enable" whenever it loads.

  • Finally in the dock menu, select "Options" and opt to have EndpointLock "Open at login."
    Now the "Shield and Lock" icon will have a green dot indicating the product is working.

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