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EndpointLock for Internet Explorer 11

Shield Appearance Tools

EndpointLock is compatible with Internet Explorer on Windows 10. Windows 10 users need to reset the default browser to Internet Explorer  Microsoft EDGE is not protected at this time because EDGE does not support extensions. Microsoft has announced that EDGE will support extensions in the future.

The following steps are for both Windows 8.1 and 10 OS systems. However , Windows 10 users must first configure IE 11 as the default browser. Click here for instructions.

Step 1: Turn OFF IE11 Enhanced Protection Mode

  • Right-click on the "Tools" item in the Internet Explorer Menu Bar and make sure EndpointLock is checked.

  • Read the Microsoft bulletin and follow the "Workaround" directions. EndpointLock cannot be activated until Normal Mode is restored.

  • Restart Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Enable EndpointLock Toolbar

  •  Right-click on the "Tools" item in the Internet Explorer Menu Bar and make sure "EndpointLock SHIELD" is checked.

Step 3: Ensure EndpointLock Toolbar Is Active
The top of Internet Explorer should now look similar to this.

Step 4: Continue to EndpointLock Activation.

Windows 10: How to reset the default browser to Internet Explorer (IE)

STEP 1: Enable EndpointLock Toolbar

  • In the Search bar on bottom left of your screen, enter "Explore" and select "Internet Explorer" to open.

Step 2: Pin to Taskbar

  • Right click the Internet Explorer icon in the bottom Taskbar of your desktop and select "Pin to taskbar" (to keep IE available).

Step 3: Access Internet Options

  • Click on the "Settings Gear" located on the top right of your window (next to the house and star icon) and select "Internet Options".

Step 4: Switch to the "Programs" tab and press "Set Programs".

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