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F.A.Q. - EndpointLock Mobile


What is EndpointLock Mobile?
EndpointLock is a software app which encrypts your keystrokes between the keyboard and your desktop applications and internet browsers so that keyloggers cannot steal your personal or financial information.

Does EndpointLock work with all mobile apps?
EndpointLock works with all apps that accept a third-party keyboard.

How do mobile keyloggers work?
A keylogger is spyware invisibly installed on your mobile device that records and steals everything you type.

What are the existing methods for detecting mobile keyloggers?
 The most common method for detecting keyloggers has been scanning for known keyloggers.

If my mobile device is infected with a keylogger, will EndpointLock protect me?
Yes. EndpointLock will protect the keystrokes you type inside your browser, even if your anti-malware programs do not have current signatures. As long as your keyboard is clearly labeled with “Secure Keyboard” and the EndpointLock logo, you can be sure your EndpointLock is protecting your device.

What can we assist you with?
ACS EndpointLock
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