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Why do I occasionally see a “0” show up in an input field that I am typing into when EndpointLock is activated?
This is a known possible rare behavior that shows up because EndpointLock works to protect you from all keylogging viruses.  This occasionally causes a “0” to appear, which can easily be cleared with no application issues. Go to “Manage” on the EndpointLock toolbar and toggle off Enhanced Mode (the default mode). EndpointLock will still encrypt your keystrokes, but you should not see any zeroes. The EndpointLock Dock icon will show a grey circle to indicate that Enhanced Mode is turned off.

What should I do if when I am typing into a browser or application I get all zeroes, or any other unexpected behavior occurs?
This rarely but sometimes happens, for example, when using some sophisticated games. Click on the “shield” in the Dock, or the Menu at the top of the screen, and click “Disable” while working with that application. EndpointLock™ cannot protect your computer against keyloggers when it is disabled. When you are done using the application, click “Enable” from the Dock or Menu. If problems persist, please contact




When I started my computer I received a warning that an untrusted driver was detected. What should I do?
Uninstall and reinstall EndpointLock. If the warning persists contact IT support for help removing the malware.


Why do I see a notice about “LicMgrEP.exe”?
The “LicMgrEP.exe” is part of EndpointLock™ protection license manager. If you are installing or using EndpointLock™ for the first time, the notice may come from your Internet Security software. Allow LicMgrEP.exe to continue as long as it is properly signed from StrikeForce Technologies.

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