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New York State Cybersecurity Regulations

Information Security related incidents are climbing at an unprecedented rate. Companies worldwide are losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to improper Information Security practices, procedures and controls. This is largely due to inadequate Information and Cyber Security infrastructure that has been implemented by unqualified businesses or individuals.

Long Island based Tritium Information Security assists business owners and executives with the development and deployment of Information and Cyber Security programs aimed at minimizing internal business risk and reducing the overall threat of outside Cyber Security related incidents.   

Tritium utilizes its unparalleled experience and expertise in Information and Cyber Security, auditing, and compliance to help businesses properly identify potential risk. Tritium uses these findings to sculpt a unique information security program to ensure businesses protect themselves and their clients as well as prepare for any regulatory audit guidelines they must adhere to.

Verify that your business adheres to required governmental, regulatory and industry standards.

Identify and remediate Information and Cyber Security risks throughout the enterprise.

Encryption Solutions

Integrate software encryption solutions to protect sensitive information, secure login procedures and  encrypt keystrokes.

Trusted Services

Our experts carry top level certifications including: CISM, CISA, CEH, GIAC, GPEN

Add a layer of security to your infrastructure with our patented encryption software

Keystroke Encryption

Protect what you type. First line of defense against keyloggers.

Multi-Factor Out-of-Band Authentication

Secure login access and control. Protection against credential theft.


Combining keystroke encryption and multi-factor authentication into one comprehensive security solution.

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