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Medicaid Patients Have Information Exposed in Indiana

Medicaid clients in Indiana are at possible risk for identity theft as a 3rd party business mistakenly leaks information.

Patients with Medicaid in Indiana are at risk of having their information compromised after a third party vendor accidentally created a public link leading right to the health records.

DXC Technology, the fiscal agent for the Indiana Health Coverage Program, created a public link which contained confidential patient information view-able to anyone including unauthorized personnel.

The information was made public between the dates of February and May 2017. Included in the information were patient names, Medicaid ID numbers, names and addresses of health care providers, procedure codes, dates of service, and payment amounts.

Marni Lemons, spokesperson for Family and Social Services Administration, has stated that no social security numbers have been compromised. She goes on to say the letters that have been sent out were a precautionary measure as the information was easily accessible online.

“While DXC Technology has no reason to believe this information has been or will be used inappropriately, DXC has taken steps to offer one year of credit-protection service to impacted individuals at no cost,” according to a statement from DXC. “For individuals who have additional questions about the privacy incident, please call the Indiana Health Coverage Program at 1-800-457-4584. Securing the private information of the residents of Indiana is a top priority for DXC Technology.”

All affected by this leak will receive complimentary credit monitoring services for one year.

Source: RTV6

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