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Medicaid clients in Indiana are at possible risk for identity theft as a 3rd party business mistakenly leaks information.

Patients with Medicaid in Indiana are at risk of having their information compromised after a third party vendor accidentally created a public link...

2016 was one of the biggest years for hacking attacks against the Healthcare industry. 

The healthcare industry was slammed with attacks  and breaches making 2016 one of the worst years in history for cyber-security. Research into each breach revealed that the...

"OCR looks at an information security incident that results in a breach as a symptom of larger issues that indicate general failures to have appropriate safeguards in place," - Adam Greene, Law firm Davis Wright Tremaine

What is the true cost of being unprepared? F...

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global healthcare cybersecurity spending will exceed $65 billion cumulatively over the next five years, from 2017 to 2021.

The Healthcare industry is projected to be the largest target for hackers in 2017. According to recent reports by C...

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