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Two Apps on the Google Play store have been discovered to have been infected with a new strain of Ransomware

Google has just removed two apps infected by a new strain of ransomware, LeakerLocker.

The discovery was made by McAfee's mobile team. During their research they...

 The first infections in Ukraine — more than 12,500 machines encountered the threat. - Microsoft

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CRET) has issued an alert of the ransomware Petya that is infecting computers around the world. Petya is a type...

Over 250 million computers and 20% of corporate networks worldwide have fallen victim to Fireball

Check Point Tech recently discovered a Chinese operation that has infected over 250 million computers worldwide. The malware dubbed "Fireball" hijacks browsers turning them...

"It's something that you don't hear as much about, but the problem is pervasive" - Jay Kaplan, former Defense Department cyber-security expert 

It only took one shot for Russian hackers to infiltrate a Pentagon official's computer. The attack method however wasn't throu...

Ransomware malware is appearing on computer networks around the globe but the origins currently remain unknown.

This week one of the most severe ransomware attacks of 2017 wreaked havoc across the internet. 

Around the world compromised computers began displaying po...

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