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Financial details of some of the world's richest people are set to be published after a Bermuda-based offshore firm suffered a data breach, a British newspaper reported Wednesday.

The legal firm, Appleby, said it was bracing for documents to be published after being app...

Google has rolled out two new tools to combat phishing, and upped Gmail security.

Google is stepping up defenses against phishing through a new predictive feature coming to Chrome and its Advanced Protection Program for high-risk Gmail users.

Google has updated its...

We are a culture of “likes,” numbers and ratings. In today’s age, we have easy access to any public information on the internet, and thanks to the explosion of big data, we also have the ability to view, manipulate and compare numbers in a variety of ways. We’ve been c...

Weak passwords offer many hackers an entry point into enterprises. Here's what the future of security will look like.

As employees remain the no. 1 cause of company data breaches, it's key for security leaders to look to a common digital entry point for hackers: Passwor...

Colin Kaepernick, both for his skill on the field and for his refusal to stand during the national anthem in August last year, is one of the most prominent names in the NFL business, even if he doesn't have a team. Given the polarizing nature of his protest, and the de...

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