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Tracking Based Malware

As the IoT expands and evolves, so does Cybercrime.

The increase of the IoT for efficiency and productivity created a window of opportunity for criminal activity. Hackers are creating new and sophisticated methods in which antivirus suites and firewalls may not be able to halt. Here is a list of malware that track transmission of data and how EndpointLock and ProtectID can neutralize access of typed data, even in the event of an infection.


  • Primary Step in a majority of security breaches, common advanced persistent threat  

  • Downloaded through phishing methods (Impostor email or website), embedded to files in the form of malware

  • Processes in the background (via the kernel) without knowledge of the user, while capturing keystroke data as it is transmitted through the keyboard to the application, known as the "Man-in-the-Stack" attack.

  • Capable of changing its signature (polymorphic) to evade detection by signature based antivirus software.

Screen Scraping

  • Screen Scraper malware captures the screenshot from a computer, then extracting any valuable data for personal or monetary gain.


  • A malicious link that is masked in over an iFrame. Once clicked, it redirects the unsuspecting user into another site, application, or web domain, which is controlled by the hacker. 

  • Text boxes are also vulnerable into this, as the link can be layered over password boxes; capturing credential data.

Tritium Cyber Security proudly distributes both ACS EndpointLock and ProtectID as preventative solutions to thwart breach attempts through the capturing of typed data. They are essential additions to existing security protocols that a business may have in place for continuous and robust protection.   

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